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The HLSE initiative

Eindhoven is home to many multilingual families. The heritage language schools of Eindhoven play an important role in the education and development of multilingual children in the community. These programs provide the opportunity for children to develop a language that they speak at home, but are not able to study at school. By forming a network, the heritage language programs aim to achieve common goals in the areas of public outreach and professional development.

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Why heritage language education?

Parents want their children to be able to connect with other children and extended family members who speak the same home language, to learn to read and write in the home language, and to understand the traditions of the home culture. A strong basis in the home language leads to greater social and academic success overall for multilingual children.

Having the opportunity to study one's home language is considered a universal right by UNESCO. The 1960 Convention against Discrimination in Education states in Article 5 that “the members of national minorities [have the right] to carry on their own educational activities, including… the use or the teaching of their own language" provided that the students are not hindered from integrating into the local community. This means that multilingual children have the right to celebrate and understand their heritage language while at the same time integrating into the Dutch society.

Want to know more? Check out HLSE's resources page!

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International Children's Book Collection is introduced to city councilwoman

June 3, 2021


The following organizations have made contributions to help fund our start-up.

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