International Children's Book Collection

in partnership with Eindhoven Library

International Children's Book Collection

In 2020, the Eindhoven Library started a pilot to include Italian and Chinese books in its children's collection. This is a wonderful opportunity for these language communities to promote reading in the home language.

A plan is now in motion to expand the collection to include several more languages in 2021 and 2022! Sign up to our HLSE mailing list and check this website to stay up to date about the developments.


For participating schools

Interested in participating?

If you run a heritage language program in Eindhoven and would like to include your language in the International Children's Book Collection at the central library, let us know, and we will explain the agreements and process with you.

Once our team at HLSE has helped you make an agreement with the library, you can prepare your books for submission. See the video posted here for instructions.

Once your books have been submitted to the library, you can start holding regular events there to help motivate your heritage language school's students to borrow and read the books.


Common prentenboeken

Is your language group participating in the children's collection? The library has suggested getting some of the same books across the languages, which could be nice to put on display sometimes in the library. We suggest these 11 books. It is not required that a language group purchase any of these books.


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